Re: Advice for a KM startup #expertise-location

Matt Moore <innotecture@...>


I've had a quick look at the web site (so I may have missed stuff but that's what most people will do sadly) and here are the things that go through my head (warning: unfiltered):
- Your product looks interesting.
- The website states 160 enterprises are using WhoKnows. How many of those are paying customers? How many paying customer seats have you sold? There's a video from a guy at Citrix on the site but if Citrix are a user can you mention them up front?
- Do you have any examples of companies actually using the product to deliver identifiable (preferably quantifiable with $) business results? If so, please make those front and centre. Because at the moment, I do not see that.
- If your product is pulling info from a lot of disparate systems then that implies integration costs and some fiddly data reconciliation. How much of this is required in a typical implementation?
- It seems to have a set vocabulary for expertise. How much of this is customisable to my organisation's own expertise descriptors?
- How much is this going to cost me, approximately? What's the pricing structure?
- As you correctly identify, there are a lot of platforms out there with profile functionality. Can you crisply show me how your product compares with your competitors?

"Wouldn't it be nice if employees cared as much about their internal profiles as much as their LinkedIn profiles?" - in my experience people keep their LinkedIn profiles up to date because either they are looking for a job or they are concerned about their public image with customers, suppliers, etc. Having a nice UI is better than having a rubbish UI but it's not enough to get people to do this.

Like I say, the product looks interesting but right now the business case being presented to me is not compelling enough for me to take this further - it looks somewhat theoretical at the moment. But that's just my response. Others will be different.



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