Re: Advice for a KM startup #expertise-location


Hello Matt,
First, thanks for all the great feedback. We do have paying F500 and mid-market customers, and we're working with them to get their testimonials up.  Actually, you'll see some posts in a week or two.

We actually avoid extensive integration costs because we pickup the content and behavioral signals straight through the browser via a plugin.  This provides a more comprehensive view of the work-related activity without all the enterprise integration hassle.  Also, our lexicon contains over 6 million terms which we can enhance with your company's vocabulary if desired.  

I'd love to understand some of the other competitors out there and if you see any leaders in the space.  Right now, there appear to be many of the incumbents like Microsoft and Jive that claim they do expertise discovery but they're limited to their silos.  Otherwise, there are a few more potential startups like us.

Anyway, thanks again for the feedback!


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