is it possible to make knowledge management language agnostic, how? #communications

Minu Mittal

We all would have dealt with establishing a knowledge portal that can serve as central repository for documents, discussion boards, wikis, etc. What if a few units are not able to leverage the wealth of knowledge and learnings from the portal due to language differences. More often than note the portal is in English (at times translated into couple of other languages). I need your insights on 2 questions: 
1. How do we make sure that LATAM, and a few European and Asian countries feel equally inclusive? 
2. How do we minimize the cost of establishing and maintaining such a language diverse knowledge infrastructure? 

On a separate note, I am looking to connect with anyone working with The World Bank Institute. It will be greatly appreciated if you can reply to this post or e-mail me at minu.mittal@.... 


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