Blog on Why KM Is So Important #value

Mark May

I thought that the community members might be interested in this blog
entry. The author says that he was formerly CKO of the consulting
arm of a Big 4 accounting firm.

I found these two quotes particularly resonant given what I am
working on now:

Business leaders tend to see value in centralized repositories
of 'best practices' and SOPs, and the reuse of knowledge collateral.
KM leaders are more likely to see the value in context-rich
conversations between peers, 'pointers to people', mining the content
of front line people's desktops, and tools that enhance collaboration
and innovation.

I'm increasingly convinced that this ignorance of the aggravation of
people doing their best on the front lines -- not being able to find
the people, experts and knowledge they need (sometimes even when it's
on their own hard drive) to do their jobs properly is at the heart of
problems as diverse as low productivity, lack of work-life balance,
high turnover of 'stars' (and the need to pay them exorbitant sums,
and everyone else inordinately less, to keep those stars),
dissatisfied customers, employee burnout, lousy service and high
employee illness rates.

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