Re: KM Staffing case #value #governance

Stan Garfield

Minu, it depends on the type of community manager.  There are several varieties:
  1. A communities of practice program manager
  2. A community manager for a single community of practice
  3. A community manager for an entire Enterprise Social Network (ESN)
  4. A community manager for a single group in an ESN
  5. A community manager for an external community, e.g., a company's followers on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, or other social media tools
For #1 and #3 in a large organization, a dedicated full-time person is ideal. This person might have additional KM-related duties, but they should be able to focus much of their time on nurturing communities and/or the ESN.

For #2 and #4, the role can be part-time, depending on the size, activity level, and importance of the community or group.

For #5, it depends on the size of the company and the number of tools being used. At least one full-time person, and possibly many more, will ensure that the desired channels are being monitored, responses are being posted, and regular content updates are being made.

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