Re: Your KM vision requested #vision

Albert Simard

I’ll start with an observation that the original subject heading (KM vision) is not the same as the question (trend with the greatest impact on KM).  This has led to responses that tend to address the subject rather than the question. 

Chuck’s answer starts to deal with the question.  Although many global trends affect KM, three are central.


·         The increasing pace of global change will require increasingly rapid knowledge creation and innovation. 

·         Increased employee mobility will require explicit but flexible processes for transforming individual learning and knowledge into organizational learning, knowledge, and action.

·         An increasingly complex world will require global networks of diverse expertise to comprehensively and rapidly address emerging issues.


Two challenges will have to be overcome if KM is to reach its full potential as a discipline.


·         Although KM is particularly well-suited to address the three global trends, that capacity must be realized and appreciated in corporate boardrooms.

·         Neither technological nor social approaches to KM are sufficient when used individually.  The necessity of and methods for integrating them must become recognized and understood.


Albert Simard


Integrated Knowledge Services




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