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Chuck Georgo briefly mentioned cyber security in terms of cyber security analyst, but I think Security for KM will be broader than that. Companies will have to balance security against collaboration (not just in the digital workspace, but who and what kinds of information we share with colleagues in face-to-face collaboration).

For example, one newspaper executive shared with me that his paper was invited to a collaboration with other traditional newspapers, and newer digital platforms. The newer organizations were comfortable sharing ideas, the traditional newspaper representatives were not. They were sure their executive editors would think they were giving away trade secrets.

(I could write more about this, but I have already exceeded 100 words. Mea culpa.)

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KM of the Future

1.  Corporations realize that information creation, maintenance, and recall/reuse is something that transcends technology adaptation (it’s about the water, not the pipes).

2.  People realize that valued information needs to be protected from accidental loss, promoted for future use, and referred to for decision making rationales.

3.  KM moves beyond documents and builds systems that manages Big Data, Documents, Dialogues, and Learnings.

4.  Every informed decision has a knowledge-based rationale behind it.

5.  All information collections have a lifecycle of usefulness that is curated.

6.  Use of experiential learning is highly-valued as a way to mitigate risk.

99 words.

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Folks, on behalf of our research group, APQC would like to enlist your assistance. Please note the request below and if you are interested, simply post a reply in this group. I don’t think that this request violates any group use rules, but if it does please accept my apologies.


APQC is asking KM professionals to give us 75-100 words on the following question…

‘What trend, innovation, or development do you anticipate having the greatest impact on KM over the next 3 years, and why?’

We will collect all the answers and post best ones to our blog and to our knowledge base where our 450 member companies will have access to it. Along with your response, please include name, a 1-sentence bio, and any links to Social Media profiles you are active on so if we post your answer people will be able to connect with you on Social Media.

Please return your answer by end of day February27th.


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