Re: Your KM vision requested #vision

Murray Jennex

There has been a lot of good stuff posted so I won't reiterate it, however, I will point out the darkside trends we have to be aware of:
KM will have to work with security to create a secure way of storing, sharing, transferring, and using knowledge
KM and the legal system will have to work together to catch up so that the law understands and supports knowledge creation, sharing, and use in intra-organizational teams, and in particularly, with teams that work across national boundaries
KM will have to overcome the large numbers of thought leaders that will be retiring (not just over the next 3 years but for awhile), this will be the great challenge, making succession within organizations, industries, and societies seamless, it is important as if we can't do this then why do KM?
measuring national creation, usage, and sharing of knowledge measures more reliable and real (this is the KAM and KEI) and will become better measures of the knowledge society
KM and knowledge society will continue to work together, especially as the Internet of Things grows to be more predominant
Probably more but this is it for now
Murray E. Jennex, Ph.D., P.E., CISSP, CSSLP, PMP
Professor, San Diego State University
Editor in Chief International Journal of Knowledge Management
Co-editor in Chief International Journal of Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management

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