Re: Your KM vision requested #vision

John Coles

Let see if I can get this in under the wire :-)

Knowledge Management problems haven’t changed. Organizations today, have the same KM problems, which were faced by tribes on the African plains, the Romans, the Founding Fathers of the US Constitution – you name it. KM is still about people. The only difference is that we have great technology over the last 50 years that enables, and is a multiplier of efficiency --- as well as inefficiency.

We face the same age-old problems.

The bright spot now is there are more KM Professionals in the world pursuing this Sisyphean task (thanks Jacqueline). We understand the importance of KM, and our message will trickle through to a few more leaders.

In 3 – 5 years:

-        Our unified KM message will be louder and more relevant.

-        A few more Leaders will recognize the competitive advantage of all-encompassing KM culture, and understand KM is about people.

-        A new KM wave will occur. The “follower organizations” will try to copy the Leading Organizations, but likely won’t succeed.

KM is dead. Long live KM!

John Coles

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