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Tom <tom.short@...>

Hello Matt -

At PG&E I was hired to address the "aging workforce" challenge - not
an uncommon one in the utilities industry, as it turns out.

As a "sociological" (vs technological) KM practitioner, I came in
here with some pretty strong views as to the degree to which I/T
would play a role in our solution.

So far I have been able to develop a set of tools aimed at
identifying and, to a lesser extent, transferring
knowledge/experience from a departing SME to whomever is available
to "catch" it - with an emphasis on effecting said transfer while
the SME is still here. This is a different strategy than the
capture/store/reuse approach that was taken before I came onboard.

So far it seems to be working well, although we are still in proof-
of-concept phase, more than enterprise rollout. That is in the
works, however, and I remain optimistic.

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This has already gone up on ACT-KM so apologies for cross-posting.

I'm doing a bit of research into the links between KM & what I am
going to broadly call "Talent Mgt". This includes:

- Induction Programs
- Mentoring Programs
- Exit Interviews
- Alumni Programs
- Aging Workforce / Generational Change (I have seen the IBM work
this on)

What I'm interest in are:
- Articles, books, etc (I have just finished Lost Knowledge by
- Practical examples of organisations where KM techniques have
applied to these issues. Many of these things fall under HR but
after examples where HR & KM people have worked together (or even
been the same person). NASA & TVA are two examples I have a fair
of background on...

Many thanks,

Matt Moore

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