Enterprise Patterns of User Profiles #expertise-location #profiles

Howie Cohen

Good Morning SIKM! 

One of the best things about working in this space is there is always something to learn.  I am thinking about a challenge that I haven't had to deal with before and I wonder if any of you have experience or advice for me.   

We have a number of systems that have user profile information.  For example, a talent management system will have name, address, image, uid etc. and a CMS SharePoint or other could house the same kind of data but in many cases a user will have to update this information themselves.    I have seen some enterprise service patterns that use LDAP to feed certain data to various systems but I am curious if there is a system or capability that itself is an enterprise resource to provision enterprise user information.   The other question is that would this same system or capability be able to compose or pull content from other systems to perform some analysis.    What are your thoughts or experiences?  


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