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Another twist on Nirmala's:
- What do you think your community does well?
- What would you like to do better?

At the conference, you might ask people to rate
themselves 1-5 on several criteria based on the
answers from this question (member engagement, use of
technology, innovation???) and then get them to
compare results & discuss different approaches. Ask
them to give examples for what they do well.

- (& tricky one) How would EDS (or, for individuals,
your role) be affected if your community stopped

We are currently doing a small project around "value
of communities" involving interviews and this question
focuses people's minds. The usual answer goes: "Well,
life would go on but..." and useful stuff comes out.


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Some simple thoughts that occur to my mind......the
answers to these
queries might help understand how to develop the
communities and thus
would help in defining the conference agenda. You
may have already
thought of these but I, nevertheless, decided to jot
them down and send
it across so someone would add to the list...

- What is the best thing that has ever
happened to/in your

- What is the one thing that you'd want to
change in your

- Which of the other communities in EDS do
you think are related
to what your community deals with?

- What is the vision/what are the goals of
your community for
the next 6 months?

- What are the resources that your community
currently works
with and what are those that you are looking to get
in the near future?

- What have been your goals so far and how
many of it has your
community been able to achieve/not achieve and why?

Thanks and Regards



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Subject: [sikmleaders] Community Development

We are planning an internal Community Development
Conference. EDS has
over a 100 communities in various states of
operation. In preparation
for the conference we will survey our community
leaders to determine
what they want in a conference. The survey will give
us information to
use in planning conference activities. The survey
will also help
community leaders recognize the value of communities
to the corporation.

I would like your input on questions to ask our
community leaders in
preparation for our conference.

Marilyn L. Perry

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