How to change your email address in this community #Special

Stan Garfield

I am not able to edit an individual's email address, but you can do this yourself.

If you click on "About" on the home page of this Yahoo! group, the following instructions are included:

How to change your email address: When joining this community, you may have thought that you needed to use a Yahoo! email address. In fact, you can use any email address you like. If you used an email address which you don't regularly check, and would like to change to a better one, click on Edit Membership under the Membership drop-down menu above and then click on the pencil icon next to Identity to edit your email address.

I encourage everyone to check the email address they used when joining, and change it to one you regularly monitor.  If you have problems doing this, I can delete your old membership and send a new invitation to the email address you prefer.  Try the steps above first, and if that doesn't work, send me a private email to stangarfield@... using your preferred email address.

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