Social Network Analysis and KM - Who is Using It? #SNA-ONA-VNA


Hi, all,

Social/organizational network analysis (SNA/ONA) has always been a "hard sell," and has not taken off to the extent that many of us thought and hoped 15 years ago. Gartner has just published a market guide to SNA vendors ( The guide is very pricey, but you can see on the linked page the vendors that it has profiled. 

I also maintain a short list of SNA/ONA tools and try to check out new tools that become available. There is some overlap with the Gartner list.

A question that one of my clients has asked me to research, and that I would love to hear from SIKM community on, is "To what  extent is network analysis actually being used in a knowledge management context?" 

How many of you have done projects in the past? Is anyone using it on a regular basis as part of KM assessment or strategy? In what contexts? Would love to hear that there is a lot going on under the radar, but also love to know what has impeded the uptake of the method.




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