Re: UX/UI development experience with enterprise SharePoint intranet and content management #usability #SharePoint

James Robertson

Hi Doug,

Stan has posted an excellent list of UX experts, every one of whom I'd strongly recommend.
I'd also point you, however, towards intranet and digital workplace specialists, who have deep experience in designing in the SharePoint space.

There are only a handful around the globe, including:

ClearBox Consulting
Prescient Digital Media
Step Two

Disclosure: I've actually written the book on designing intranets:

PS. I'll be in NY and Washington DC in late October/early November for KMWorld, and I'd be very happy to catch up with anyone for an informal chat over coffee.


On 30/09/2015 11:34 pm, stangarfield@... [sikmleaders] wrote:
Doug, here are suggestions for consultants in user experience and information architecture:
  1. Peter Morville
  2. Lou Rosenfeld et al.
  3. Jakob Nielsen et al.
  4. Andrew Hinton et al.
  5. Thomas Vander Wal 
This article may be of interest Why You Shouldn’t Hire a UI/UX Designer


And this site



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