Re: UX/UI development experience with enterprise SharePoint intranet and content management #usability #SharePoint

Matt Sherman

Hello - I've worked with in the past and recommend you follow-up with Kanwal Khipple (CEO) - Kanwal@...


Here's a brief overview from their site:


We focus on helping to transform organizations. Our approach is centered on working in partnership with you to deliver results.

The three main ways we help our customers are:

  • Business Strategy – While our roots are in technology, you need to understand business needs and expectations. We help businesses better understand what is needed to grow and achieve their goals.
  • User Experience – Whether it’s winning top Intranet awards or ensuring that great solutions are effectively adopted – we help our customers design and build meaningful experiences.
  • Technology Expertise – We extend your own teams with our deep technology expertise and proven experience in Microsoft technologies.

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