We passed the 150-member mark #milestone

Stan Garfield

We now have 153 members. You can view the full list in the Files folder: Community of Consulting SI KM Leaders - Member List.


Our 150th member is Kathy Hagen of Minneapolis. I wanted to share a message from her and one from Barry Dayton, another member in the Twin Cities, about the bridge which collapsed there this week.


Thanks to all of you for your contributions to this community. I really appreciate the quality of the interactions.





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From: Kathy Hagan kathy@...

Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2007 9:46 AM

Subject: Re: Minneapolis Bridge Collapse


My family is fine, checking to find two friends. People seem to have pulled together here, many stories of the heroes who surround us. It is very sad. I was in NJ during 9/11, and I think for many it was quite a reminder. My hope is we learn from this and be proactive about not letting this kind of disaster happen elsewhere.


It is sad and scary, and yet there is kindness all around. That message keeps coming through.


It's a good day to tell those you love, that you love them.


Kathy L. Hagen


Blog: http://www.klhagen.com/provokingthought/



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From: Barry Dayton bkdayton@...

Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2007 9:54 AM

Subject: Re: Minneapolis Bridge Collapse


My family and I are all safe and sound, nowhere near the bridge when it collapsed. Like just about everyone else in the TCs, we cross that bridge about once a week on average.


I'd say the community is handling it very well, considering the magnitude of the disaster. I'm sure you've heard stories of fellow Minnesotans rushing to the scene and risking their own safety to rescue the victims, even before the firemen and police arrived. Everyone kept their cool and helped each other. There are 20-30 people still missing, feared trapped in submerged cars and debris. It will be several days before the total devastation is known.


As you might imagine, the word of this event spread very fast, especially by cell phone among family and friends. That's how I first heard about it. Everyone was checking on each other to make sure they were OK, and to share the news. The cell phone networks were overwhelmed last night, and we were asked to make no more cell phone calls unless it was an emergency.


Of course, the big question is why this happened, and all the implications regarding all the other truss bridges in the country. Feel free to share this blurb as you wish.


Barry K. Dayton

Knowledge Management Program Office

3M Center

St. Paul, MN 55144


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