Re: August 2007 SIKM Call: Shawn Callahan - Business narrative experiences at Anecdote #monthly-call #storytelling

Stephanie Barnes

Hi Stan, et al,

I liked Shawn's presentation: getting people to "tell their stories"
is what I have been doing on my current project and I have to say I
get a much better response and more complete information when I just
let them talk and ask for examples or futher explanation, than when I
do it as an interview, asking them a bunch of questions.

I liked the form of presentation, much more than I expected to, I'm
usually find pre-recorded things hard to pay attention to, but this
was good, maybe because Shawn was telling a story rather than paging
through a bunch of slides. From a logistics/technical perspective,
I'm curious how he recorded it.

Thanks Shawn.


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