SIKM New York #local

Michael Dieterle


Finally getting around to sharing some impressions from the first group meeting in New York earlier this month. The event was hosted by Howie Cohen from Chubb Insurance. Key take-aways for me were:

- Howie explained how Chubb is bringing together existing pockets of KM expertise distributed across the company and joining forces. There was a lot of positive energy in the room. People from various parts of the organization were excited to collaborate across lines of business and departments. The KM program is attached to innovation initiatives and has proven a sizable amount of savings for Chubb. It would be helpful if examples and metrics used could be shared with the group!

- John Stepper talked about his latest Working Out Loud conversations, specifically how large organizations are latching on to the concept and how they derive value from #WOL circles. While I've been following John's work for a while, I did struggle putting #WOL in an organizational context. The aha moment for me was that the benefit for organizations does not lie in individual results that participants want to achieve (they can be quite personal, after all). But the real value stems from the approach participants learn how to solve problems in today's connected world. How to network, increase your influence and create new opportunities!

Looking forward to many more meetings. The group intends to get together on a quarterly basis.

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