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Shawn Callahan

Sure thing Stan.

Let's start with sensemaking workshops. I'm here at Dubbo to run one for natural resource managers who are currently developing their knowledge strategy. They have already collected about 50 stories about how they use information and knowledge, have done some surveys on information and knowledge needs (from an internal and stakeholder perspective) and we have helped them develop a knowledge map. In this one day and half day workshop we are going to immerse them in the stories and other information and identify small interventions and larger programs they can undertake to make progress against the objectives they have set for themselves. The approach we use for our knowledge mapping/audit was one introduced to me by Dave Snowden and is based on the ASHEN acronym (Artefacts, Skills, Heuristics, Experience & Natural talent). It's explained in a paper Dave wrote on Organic Knowledge Management. I'm sure it could be readily found on the Cognitive Edge website.

We use anecdote circles for much our story collections. The way we approach anecdote circles is described in this eBook we wrote last here.

I will address the other techniques in some following posts.

Regarding our extended network of practitioners they include

Patti Anklam who recently helped developed an SNA of global chocolate experts and worked on another project with us looking at Australia's homelessness sector.
Nancy White who helps us with online facilitation and collaboration projects
Patrick Lambe from Singapore
Cognitive Edge is an important partner as we implement the sensemaker software. We are currently helping a government department udertake a 4 year study of Aboriginal child welfare.

I will be back on the email after my workshop today.



Shawn Callahan

On 22/08/2007, at 4:20 AM, Stan Garfield wrote:

Hi, Shawn.  Thanks for recording and uploading your presentation.

Here are my questions to you, and to the other members:

1. Can you provide a few examples of the following techniques, and your thoughts on when to apply each of these?

  • Anecdote Circle
  • Knowledge Audit
  • Most Significant Change
  • Sensemaking Workshop
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Narrative Techniques
  • Storytelling

2. You mentioned that you are part of an extended network.  Can you provide some examples of others in your network?  How do you use the network, and how has it been helpful to you?


3. What do the SIKM community members think of this format for a community presentation and discussion? One member commented: "It will be an interesting experiment to see how much discussion occurs from this. I have always felt face-to-face or even phone meetings force participation (in a good way). Forums work well once the flow of ongoing discussion has started (and people can jump in without feeling like they need to break the ice.)  The point being, for a relatively quiet channel, there might not be enough energy to get people to participate (never mind view the videos...)"


So I'm breaking the ice, and asking that the other members jump in!





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