Re: August 2007 SIKM Call: Shawn Callahan - Business narrative experiences at Anecdote #monthly-call #storytelling

Shawn Callahan

Hi Stephanie.

I have the new version of Keynote (on the mac) which allows you to record your voice with the presentation. It was a bit weird staring out the window giving an imaginary presentation. My family thought I was bonkers. To fit the presentation into You Tube's 10 minutes limitation I used iMovie to cut up the Quicktime movie it created.



Shawn Callahan

On 22/08/2007, at 4:53 AM, Stephanie wrote:

Hi Stan, et al,

I liked Shawn's presentation: getting people to "tell their stories"
is what I have been doing on my current project and I have to say I
get a much better response and more complete information when I just
let them talk and ask for examples or futher explanation, than when I
do it as an interview, asking them a bunch of questions.

I liked the form of presentation, much more than I expected to, I'm
usually find pre-recorded things hard to pay attention to, but this
was good, maybe because Shawn was telling a story rather than paging
through a bunch of slides. From a logistics/technical perspective,
I'm curious how he recorded it.

Thanks Shawn.


--- In, "Stan Garfield"
...> wrote:
> Hi, Shawn. Thanks for recording and uploading your presentation.
> Here are my questions to you, and to the other members:
> 1. Can you provide a few examples of the following techniques, and
> thoughts on when to apply each of these?
> * Anecdote Circle
> * Knowledge Audit
> * Most Significant Change
> * Sensemaking Workshop
> * Appreciative Inquiry
> * Narrative Techniques
> * Storytelling
> 2. You mentioned that you are part of an extended network. Can you
> provide some examples of others in your network? How do you use the
> network, and how has it been helpful to you?
> 3. What do the SIKM community members think of this format for a
> community presentation and discussion? One member commented: "It
will be
> an interesting experiment to see how much discussion occurs from
this. I
> have always felt face-to-face or even phone meetings force
> (in a good way). Forums work well once the flow of ongoing
> has started (and people can jump in without feeling like they need
> break the ice.) The point being, for a relatively quiet channel,
> might not be enough energy to get people to participate (never mind
> the videos...)"
> So I'm breaking the ice, and asking that the other members jump in!
> Regards,
> Stan

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