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David Snowden <snowded@...>

There are some updates on the method by the away - its taught now on accreditation courses (see web site)

Dave Snowden
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On 22 Aug 2007, at 18:38, Stan Garfield wrote:

> The approach we use for our knowledge mapping/audit was one introduced to me by
> Dave Snowden and is based on the ASHEN acronym (Artefacts, Skills, Heuristics, 
> Experience & Natural talent). It's explained in a paper Dave wrote on Organic KM.
> I'm sure it could be readily found on the Cognitive Edge website.

Here is the paper on ASHEN and here are all of Dave's articles, including the three papers on Organic KM:

ViewDave SnowdenOrganic Knowledge Management 3 of 3: Interventions

In the final article of the series, Dave Snowdencompletes the catalogue of methods for eliciting anecdotal material from which knowledge

ViewDave SnowdenOrganic KM 2: Indirect Knowledge Discovery

In the second article of three on organic knowledge management, Dave examines some of the dangers of knowledge elicitation and

ViewDave SnowdenOrganic Knowledge Management 1- ASHEN

In 1998, David Snowden laid the foundations of an approach to understanding the intellectual assets of an organisation using techniques

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