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Randhir Pushpa

Hi Ruth,


This is very relevant area and I had mentioned about this in one of my earlier mails. Through my KM  practices I am realising that KM is disruptive and one of the functions that will be impacted will be the learning and training department as a formal function in organizations. When an organization manages and builds its knowledge proactively, the need of this function will cease to exist. Basically it will become redundant.


Last year when I was promoting a culture of self-learning, I had many instances where I worked closely with the Learning department.

The tools that we came out with to assess knowledge gaps ended up feeding into the training requirements. I realised that most of the traditional function can be automated through tools, when a culture of self-learning kicks in and the rest of the activities can be managed by a generalists.





On Tue, Mar 8, 2016 at 1:25 AM, rkustoff@... [sikmleaders] <sikmleaders@...> wrote:

I am a learning strategist. One of my goals in helping clients is to improve employee performance through better information sharing and knowledge management. As informal learning in the organization continues to grow, it is important to capture knowledge and index it for easy searching and retrieval. 

I recently wrote a blog about the value and necessity of learning and development partnering with knowledge management. You can read it here 

I would welcome your comments and thoughts on how the line between learning and KM is narrowing and that the two functions should begin to foster a co-existence. 

If this is already underway at any of your organizations I'd be very interested to know about it. 

thank you. 

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