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Take everything I say with a grain of salt, or a large dose of salt, since it has been awhile since I worked in a large corporation. But the problem I saw back then, and I don't see addressed yet by enterprise "solutions", is that social is not an in-or-out thing. That is, either internet or intranet. It is both.  I'm not a big fan of their offering, but #Slack is the only thing I have seen so far that tries to bridge that gap...

--Andrew Gent

On Friday, May 13, 2016 2:21 PM, "Howard Cohen howardscohenmba@... [sikmleaders]" wrote:

I believe it will be difficult for Jive to take the intranet space.   I also think they are having a tough time with strategy.  MS is coming on strong but they aren't really highlighting social.  Maybe it is because it almost inherently a given.  Like water in iced tea..   I am not sure but regardless, it is interesting how many companies are struggling with this problem but there aren't a great deal of public discussions about it. 


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Dear Howie:

Your guess is just as good as mine with regard to the future of Yammer. In my view the tool will be further and further integrated in SP. The release in the coming months that onedrive will be integrated in Yammer (or vice versa) defines in my view the trajectory path that the various components of Yammer will form an integral part of the SP family. I know one organization implementing FB@Work and the first pilots are very positive. Its a powerful tool and a lot of people are familiar with the user interface. Time will tell if FB can eat a piece of the pie. The business case for corporate social networks remains the same: connecting people. In that sense I think Microsoft has a comparative advantage with its integration model managing contents (SP Library) as repository and document collaboration platform and Outlook/Exchange as the connector with staff profiles ported from HRM legacy systems.


On May 13, 2016, at 09:03, howardscohenmba@... [sikmleaders] <sikmleaders@...> wrote:

          Last week I met with Microsoft during their release event for SP 2016.  Our discussions quickly went to what I didn't see, which was any talk about Yammer.   MS was very clear in their discussion around recapturing the intranet but they had a very difficult time with clearly stating what pieces of Yammer were to be kept and/or tossed and how these would be positioned for use in by an enterprise.   On the heels of the Jive showing year over year declines and their recent cut of 17% of their workforce, I am wondering from an enterprise perspective what is going to happen with turn key social technologies.    SharePoint as it stands doesn't naturally do what Yammer or Jive does and the idea that we keep adding tools into the mix doesn't sit well in my eyes.   Frankly, I use Jive and SharePoint integrated with Outlook everyday.  If I keep adding plugins to Outlook, it is going to look like FrankenSoft.   Is anyone else concerned about the future of these social technologies?  Do you think that FB for business is going to become a major player?  I haven't seen that much on it.   


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