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Russell Van liew

Hi Jeffrey,

I don’t have a specific process or a list, but I have used mind mapping tools to walk through the activity and resources around what someone has been doing.  Using a mind map is a starter to understanding all the areas, functions, teams, tools, services, etc.. that someone may use.  This usually prompts more questions and by calling out certain bubbles, I can go back and contact other teams, people or resources to dig deeper if I need to.  Mind map tools also let you highlight, link, connect and note information, which will help in your mapping for others.

When using the tool the conversation usually starts out as a what they do in a day and then expands out as the person is talking.  You start with what ‘usually’ happens and as they are talking other topics come up around what doesn’t happen as often or conversation triggers for knowledge that has been gained over the years.  Start with your center – your employee- then map out from there.  People then tend to start remembering other areas they need to ‘mention’ to you.

Once you have the map “mapped” out – you can then validate again with the employee.  As you validate what you have document you can use a list like what David posted to make sure you have main areas.  Chances are you aren’t going to get everything, but starting with a ‘day in the life’ can lead you down the path of the most important items and using mind map tool can help you capture as you go along.  You then have a nice mapping that you can show other employees who need to work on or understand the process.

Just my thoughts – hope it helps.

I have been using FreeMind to do this.  You may end up with multiple maps, but it really helps to map out an unknown process.



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Here is my general outline


Planning session with retiree

Determine critical knowledge from retiree viewpoint

Define resources (documents & people) of knowledge

List who seeks support from retiree

Determine plan to collect and store retiree knowledge library

Planning session with people who seek support from retiree

Include retiree peers and organization + include replacement

Determine critical knowledge needed from their viewpoint – Critical Knowledge Form is a guide

Compare knowledge needs with retiree knowledge list and determine knowledge gaps

Build plan to transfer knowledge and fill gaps

David Smith

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I was asked to develop and use a knowledge transfer tool for a retiring senior staff member who has a lot of specialized knowledge we need to capture before he leaves (and before his replacement gets hired). This is similar to some knowledge audit work I am doing, though I think it requires more of a checklist that will then lead to conversations or at least prework to conversations we will then need to have about all of this.

Does anybody have a standard tool for this that I can borrow as a template and then adapt?


Thank you.




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