Mandating platforms #tools

Stan Garfield

TO: Chris Johannessen

> I am wondering what this thread thinks of the idea of mandating
> particular types of technology for knowledge work (standard
> platforms, etc.), which would help with knowledge harvesting. For
> example, strongly encouraging usage of expert systems \ blogs \
> community apps that are tied to email, to try to get the tacit
> knowledge out of the email stream and into a searchable, centralized
> system.

At HP, we have standard platforms for team collaboration, portals, threaded discussions, etc.  We encourage the use of these standard platforms, and we are supported in this by the IT function which has banned non-standard platforms as "shadow IT."

Nonetheless, there are still non-standard platforms in use, so we make the following arguments for using standard platforms:

  1. Support is only provided for standard platforms.
  2. The HP intranet search engine will only crawl standard platforms.
  3. Funding may be difficult to maintain for non-standard platforms since they are shadow IT.
  4. Users prefer to have fewer tools to master.
  5. We provide enhancements and integration only on the standard platforms.

We encourage the use of the standard threaded discussion platform over ordinary email with distribution lists. Here are some of the ways:

  1. Users can choose to collaborate using HP Forums in one of three ways: online, entirely by email, or with RSS feeds.  This provides flexibility and accommodates personal preferences.
  2. Discussions in HP Forums are maintained in threads and can be more easily found and read.
  3. HP Forums can be searched from the specific platform or from the HP intranet search.
  4. Our KM Stars recognition program automatically awards points for posts to the HP Forums.
  5. We actively manage the HP Forums to weed out dead ones, help moderators successfull build new ones, and avoid redundancy and topics which are too narrow or restrictive.




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