Re: Any Experience Here with Virtual Agents/Chat Bots? #AI #call-center

Frank Guerino

Hi Jamie,

I was recently involved in the implementation of a Virtual Agent/Chat-Bot for an insurance company.  Here are just a handful of things you’ll want to consider…

  • Ownership
    • Who in the business will own it?
    • Who will own it in IT/IS?
  • Licensing
    • How is it licensed? (E.g. One License Per Instance or One License Per Multiple Instances?)
    • Are you charged by the transaction?
  • Funding
    • Who will fund its initial role out (people, processes, and technologies)?
    • Who will fund its regular technical upgrades and all dependencies (people, processes, and technologies)?
  • Customization and Coding
    • Is the tool configurable or will it require coding (especially for integration)?
    • If coding, how much?
  • Source data/content
    • How will you feed it?  VAs require a great deal of well-structed and well-documented “data”? (Even content must be structured as data.)
    • Who will own source content/data?
    • How will you handle the data governance and mastering of data fed into the VA?
    • How will you handle the data governance and mastering of data received from the VA?
      • How will you decouple the data/content from the technology so that you can reuse it in other solutions (non-VA related)?  You do not want it to reside in the VA system, if you can avoid it, because other tools might also need it and you don’t want multiple copies of the truth.
    • Integration
      • How will you collect it all data and store so that you can feed it into the VA?
        • How many different systems will you need to integrate to make the VA successful?
      • How will the VA feed its data into other systems?
      • How easy is it to integrate the VA into your existing customer support experience (customer support tools, technologies, processes, etc.)?
    • Security
      • How will you handle Records Management?  For example, if a person is logged into the environment and you know who they are, they might be providing PCI, PII, or PHI (healthcare) data/info that may be recorded in the conversation.  Different levels of privacy might effect different solutions for retention.
    • Escalation
      • How will you handle situations where the VA cannot help and the handoff to another system or human has to be handled smoothly and transparently?
    • Business Intelligence & Analytics
      • Does the VA system have built-in historical analytics?
      • Does the VA system have built-in predictive analytics?
      • Who will need VA-related analytics?
      • How frequently will they need it?
      • How will you collect data from the VA system for analytics?
      • How will you build your analytics from the data?

    I hope this helps.

    My Best,

    Frank Guerino, Managing Partner
    The International Foundation for Information Technology (IF4IT)
    1.908.294.5191 (M)

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    Hello everyone, 

    Picking up a 8 year old conversation just proves that this community can provide true value!

    My present company is now, too, looking into setting up a chatbot in order to help ease findability and give a sense of direction to our very large SharePoint environment, help desks, etc. to (initially) new comers and their managers. From a KM perspective, my concern lies in the already present missing links in how our data is managed, searched, discovered, analyzed and leveraged to promote business objectives, but I do believe this is a great starting point. 

    If any of you have experience or can add to the list of questions I should be asking (new territory), that would be great!

    Thanks in advance. 

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