Re: January 2017 SIKM Call: Arno Boersma - Design Thinking for KM #monthly-call #design-thinking


Greetings All:

I'm sorry to have missed this call last month, but just got around to reviewing it the other day. I must say thank you to Arno--this was a very enjoyable presentation, and I wish I could have been there for the discussion. So, hoping to continue it here.

I love the idea of a "Fail Fair," to show how you've failed to others in the organization, but staying optimistic and possibly sharing how you're going to pick up and start again. Doing a "lessons learned" analysis isn't something that my organization does a lot with projects, and we have a lot of silos. I think this would be a great opportunity to bridge the gaps across the company and show what we've done, getting feedback and similar insights from other departments. 

From a KM perspective, there's a definite fear about failing in this space as there have been many iterations of this effort in my department. The rest of the organization is just starting to get a toe in the water in the KM space. I believe our current KM solution will stick (we're about 2-years in and growing every month). Some other areas are starting to reach out to us, having their own failed attempts and looking for something that's showing ROI, strong user adoption, etc. But, we still have much to learn.

Has anyone else had success with getting something like a "Fail Fair" off the ground? How can we get leadership buy-in to start something like this? What are scaling options?


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