Re: SNA: utterly worthless and possibly damaging? #SNA-ONA-VNA

Patti Anklam

Hi, all,

Certainly I have to respond to such a provactive subject line!  Thanks, @katepugh for the mention. Nils argues that the SNA is only a snapshot in time. That is what I always say when I teach SNA. But the snapshot can lead to useful questions and insights...

More, however: Once I saw where the article and "complexitools" was going with value creation structure I kept looking in the original and the comments for a nod to Verna Allee, who really broke this ground a long time ago; I have long been a believer (I almost always use a value network analysis when I work with organizations). So it is nice to see it rise again, but it would also be good to see some attribution or reference.


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