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Stephen Bounds

Hi Frank,

We've already debated most of the points you make in this article ad nauseum, so I won't rehash those arguments. I will note, for the record, that your list of "roles related to knowledge" do not include this role description:

The systematic analysis of organisational knowledge systems[*], and the design and implementation of interventions acting on these systems to improve an organisation's problem-solving and decision-making capability.

Regardless of usage of the title in practice, I firmly believe that this role description is the only sustainable definition of a "Knowledge Manager". I cannot reconcile this to any of your other 'knowledge' professions, nor can I think of another existing role that would be better qualified to perform this function. Nor can I see how any of your listed IT solutions will make this organisational capability redundant.

[*] To pre-empt a possible question: a knowledge system is any combination of interacting components which incorporates one or more intelligent, autonomous agents.

-- Stephen.

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On 23/02/2017 12:20 PM, Frank Guerino wrote:
Hi All,

Given some of the recent conversations, the article Knowledge Management - An Industry Without Focus and Direction covers some of the issues that drive negative perceptions of the KM industry.

I hope you find the materials interesting and worth sharing.

My Best,

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