Re: Article: Knowledge Management - An Industry Without Focus and Direction #state-of-KM

Paul McDowall

Good morning all,
Frank, your view is a frequently seen IT-centric understanding of KM.  That's neither a criticism nor a praise, it is simply what is.  We each come to KM from our respective world views and set of mental models and that's a key aspect of what makes KM, KM.  Our individual challenge in KM is to understand that KM is more than our individual viewpoint and it's more than the sum of the parts.  KM is not IT, nor is IT, KM, just like KM is not L&D, nor is L&D, KM, etc, etc, etc.  These are all aspects of KM that, working in harmony, become the composite result.  I'm sure you know the old story of the 5 blind men describing the elephant.  Individually they expressed what they understood, but they didn't understand the composite that was the real truth.  That's what makes KM the mosaic that it is. 

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