Re: November 2007 SIKM Call: Christian De Neef and Ives De Saeger - Knowledge & Innovation Management #monthly-call #innovation

cvs2354 <chuck.stewart@...>

This was an excellent and thought provoking presentation, thanks to
Christian and Ives for their time and efforts. A lingering concern
I have is the quality of the KM needed to support TRIZ/innovation
efforts. I wonder if an internal KM program is ever 'good enough'
to get the results demanded from innovation today? This is likely
the power of using the Goldfire software verbally referenced in the
presentation, but following the connection that Christian and Ives
have suggested between TRIZ/Process innovation and KM, the quality
of our innovation seems to be strongly linked to the quality of the
KM being connected to. Therefore, I think I'll be telling Management
there is still no "free lunch"; we need to build a strong, internal
KM for future success. Any other thoughts?

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