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Frank Guerino

Hi Daan,

Yes, Mr. Manusama does make the statement that KM is not about technology alone and I agree with this statement.  We all must consider, though, that in the cases of products that revolve around AI, ML, etc., which are evolving to dominate most people’s daily lives, the People (skills), Processes, and Tools that will be required to produce them are those of IT.  People without those skills will have very little influence or input into the KM solutions that are AI related, especially when the interfaces to such solutions are also being dominated by technologies (mobile, wearable devices, etc.).

The part of all this that will not be IT related will continue to be the human who is the consumer of such products.  What he/she uses such solutions for or what he/she derives from such solutions will always be the human side of KM.

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Hi Frank:

Gartner specically emphasizes in the presentation that KM is not about technology alone but forms a lesser, but integral part, of people and process. Technology is also becoming more and more ingrained in what we do on a day2day basis so technology can not be excluded from what we do. The bigger part of KM is how to make the knowledge sharing connection between people and how to design organizations or networks effectively so that available knowledge is used and learning takes place. The problem is that KM does not have a real home: The KM subject, shaped academically by philosophist but put on the business agenda by economists, followed by social social and mathematics/information scientist. Like so many subjects, KM is a multidiscplenary endeavour where all 3 disciplines have to act together to make it work. 


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