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First thanks to Stan for inviting me to this forum. I recognize many
of you.

I am conducting a study for the KM Forum of the Henley Management
College on innovative and effective ways of retaining, deepening and
developing expertise (study announcement below).

We have found many organizations capturing the knowledge of retiring
experts (some quite comprehensively) and many have good traditional
apprenticeship programs. We are are taking a different approach. We
are interested in what organizations are doing to help learners
understand how expert practitioners diagnose and solve problems; how
they see, think about, and act in their domain.

If your organization - or one you know - is experimenting, piloting
or masterful at this, we would love to hear from you. Just write me
directly at

Study of developing true expertise

Is your organization good at:
• sharing the real expertise of senior staff before they retire?
• developing young professionals who move rapidly between
organizational units?
• managing handovers when overlap between staff is not possible?
• integrating the expertise of seasoned practitioners with
talent development programs?
Would you like to "compare notes" with other organizations that have
cutting edge approaches to these issues and learn how they approached
similar issue?

I am conducting a study in conjunction with Henley Management
College's KM Forum on how to deepen and develop real expertise. The
sponsors are quite sophisticated about KM, so we are looking beyond
the traditional KM tools to examples of effective and/or innovative
approaches specifically geared to deepening expertise.

Participating organizations will receive a copy of our report and
will be invited to a discussion session with other innovators to
compare ideas and approaches.

So if you are good at this or you know an organization, profession or
discipline that is, please write. Thanks!

Richard McDermott

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