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Howie Cohen

           Here is the real issue essentially.  When we have leadership in an organization that understands that from sale, transaction, back end exchange to support that knowledge matters, they build networks of people.and tools to support, enhance and advance the work people are doing.   Everything else is bologna.   I have seen many instances of different tools and platforms and hear the same complaints.  If a house is built on stilts with nails through press board it isn't the fault of the hammer or the person that designed it (the hammer).   That being said,  companies want hammers to auto build the house or build something that they couldn't even imagine.   Whenever I found success in KM including tools, it was because I had leadership support and I asked people what they were doing, what they thought they needed and made an effort to help them.   Today we will consider this tool over that tool but the leadership portion and the engagement aspect is null.   You can't meet a need if you don't know what it is.   One thing that comes to mind as I left Jive World this past week is that Jive adopters didn't just use Jive because of the tool, they used Jive because they felt a cultural extension similar in nature to Apple.   When the announcement was made for acquisition and both Jive employees and user communities heard of this at the same time, it was like the day a culture died.   Most people here in this group understand that tools are useful but they are for purpose.  Thing is, at least on client side,  you have to fight multiple fights including why people are our most valuable asset over any tools and that leaders have to engage and show up.  So, ironically for now, I am making a list of platforms and tools for no other purpose than to show cross cutting functions, features and capabilities for which most wouldn't be realized without community regardless;..


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I realize I am preaching to the converted, but here is an answer I provided in Quora to a question about the best KM tools.

Ask not what tools are best - ask what approaches to sharing, innovating, reusing, collaborating, and learning have proven effective. See Implementing KM.

Asking about KM tools without first determining requirements is the wrong question. What processes do you need to adapt or create to support your top three business objectives? Once you know this, then you can determine which tools to use. But choosing a generic tool for KM is not a good idea.

If you want to review the landscape of available KM tools, check out the analyst reports from Real Story Group, Gartner, and Forrester


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