Re: KM in Financial Services Contact Centers #value #call-center

Howie Cohen


                 For clarification of what you are looking for..   Specifically you want information for contact centers in finance and/or insurance.   The relationship between call time etc... and revenue?  I work for an insurance company and can tell you that the measures or KPI"s used that are tied to business value may be a bit surprising.   The reality isn't reflected in KCS.   I would be happy to discuss these but I can't send that material to you.    I do have a number of documents that are finance / insurance KM but they are probably things that you have already.   Let me know, if you want to follow up. 


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We have quite a bit of research regarding the benefits of KM in general, in addition to the benefits for Contact Centers, but are having difficulty finding quality resources to prove ROI and overall benefits of KM for a Contact Center in a Financial Services organization. There's multitudes of information published on Help Desks (even in the Financial Services setting), but nothing tied to Contact Centers (financial/insurance-based). We've looked into Gartner for specific examples, but haven't been able to find something to really help "sell this" from an industry-specific example of success. Does anyone have any recommendations of contacts for information, or if you've stumbled across something yourself?

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