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Murray Jennex

I've attached 3 articles where I address measuring the value of KM.

Jennex, M.,Smolnik, S., and Croasdell, D., (2016). “The Search for Knowledge ManagementSuccess,” 49th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences,HICSS49, IEEE Computer Society, January 2016.

this article presents a statistically validated model of KM success measures, it is pretty strong and backs up Steve's recommendation to use ROI (but also provides alternatives), its only real weakness is that it accounted for 67% of the variance meaning that there are still some measures we haven't found.

Jennex, M.E., (2008). “ImpactsFrom Using Knowledge: A Longitudinal Study From A Nuclear Power Plant,”International Journal of Knowledge Management, 4(1), pp. 51-64.

this article presents my first attempt at quantifying the impact of using KM. The most interesting part is that I generated an engineer productivity model to assist in measuring engineer productivity and showing where KM impacted the model

Jennex, M.E., (2013). “KnowledgeManagement Success in an Engineering Firm.” Engineering Management Reviews,2(3), pp. 65-74.

this article uses an early set of measures and a non-statistical approach and applies it to the case study above to show that the measures and the models work together

I'm currently in the process of turning the first listed paper into a journal article.

Let me know if you have any questions....murray jennex

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I wonder if there are any of articles/ writings that tackle the challenge of calculating the productivity of knowledge workers/ KM staff.In brief, sometimes HR people are not very aware of the nature of the KM work. Thus when auditing/ calculating the productivity of KM employees using number of hours, they sometimes disregard time taken in designing activities, work done in spreading the sharing culture, setting KM measures, etc.So have you come across any kind of related articles? Or even studies related to employees productivity when working with intangibles like KM, innovation, etc.?

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