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Soha Radwan

Hi Murray,

Thank you very much for sharing these articles. I will go through them and definitely they will be of a great value to me.

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After just sending my previous email it occurred to me that a backwards way of doing this is by determining knowledge loss impact should an employee leave.  I have attached my article on how to do this:

Jennex, M.E., (2014). “A Proposed Method for Assessing Knowledge Loss Risk with Departing Personnel”  VINE: The Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems, 44(2), pp. 185-209.

provides a methodology as well as guidance tables to actually score the impact and probability of an employee leaving and taking knowledge.  I think if you just used the impact part of the method you could get close to what you want

let me know if you have questions....murray jennex

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I wonder if there are any of  articles/ writings that tackle the challenge of calculating the productivity of knowledge workers/ KM staff. In brief, sometimes HR people are not very aware of the nature of the KM work. Thus when auditing/ calculating the productivity of KM employees using number of hours, they sometimes disregard time taken in designing activities, work done in spreading the sharing culture, setting KM measures, etc. So have you come across any kind of related articles? Or even studies related to employees productivity when working with intangibles like KM, innovation, etc.?

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