Re: Calculating KM employees' productivity #value #metrics

Albert Simard

Soha - The real challenge, as I used to point out to science administrators, is that if you know enough about a process to state, in advance, how long it will take to complete, it may be useful work, but it isn't a very interesting (potential breakthrough) scientific problem.  It's referred to as evolutionary research.  Put another way, it isn't posible to predict how long creativity (revolutionary scienced) will take.  Unlike TV, where impossibled problems must be solved in an hour or less, the time, effort, and outcome for truly innovative breakthroughs can only be known after the fact.  

What I find most interesting is that the simple straightforward solution is often only found after considerable, convoluted, and complex reasoning.  For example, social interacion: began as a conversation about the elements of sharing and collaboration.  I then added negotiation to the framework and some time later, conflict.  At this point, I realied that the framework had two dimensions: goals and interests.  Months later, I realized that social interaction was a mirror image of Snowdens sense-making framework which provided a theoretical underpining to the work.  The framework, is process based.  That is, it identifies the steps involved in the flow of kowledge from start to finish - with no attempt to define a time frame.
An enterprise architecture approach is used to integrate social, business, technological, and knowledge structures. A social interaction framework (sharing, c…

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