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Soha Radwan

Hi Veronica

Thanks for sharing this.

I think the problem arises from the lack of common understanding of some social activities from HR and the activity owner. Each has his own point of view. HR don't (or in some cases might not want ) to understand the nature of such activities. I think if they admit the existence of this variation,  they have to move away from the standardized orthodox approach they follow. This means that they have to think of a new framework for measuring productivity in such cases.

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Hi Soha,

Our team has faced those same struggles, particularly as it pertains to the appropriate staffing of a KM team. The nature of the work makes it difficult to measure productivity, and can be challenging to describe.

While there isn’t a specific reference I can provide, I will share that we’ve recently implemented the Agile Time Boxing approach to help provide structure to the day. Our hope is that as we refine the amount of time needed each day for the various activities, natural timings will emerge. We can then use these to assess our team model.

Hope that helps point you in a direction.

Best Regards,

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