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Murray Jennex

Standards are not to be written by consultants!!!!  I have participated in standards organizations for several years and membership and participation by consultants in the US is limited.  I hope Chris that you are being tongue in cheek.  I also hope that every practitioner and researcher can claim participation in the standards practice and frankly I hope there will be severe limits on consultant participation.  This is for a very good reason, while consultants see many different applications, it is only human nature to either assume they tailored the standard to their practice so as to position themselves in the market.  This destroys the credibility of the standard and raises the many questions I'm reading about the validity of the process....murray jennex

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I guess one of the spin-off benefits of engaging with and commenting on the draft document, Boris, is that you too can legitimately tell your clients that you have been involved in drafting the standard! 

By the time it’s published, there’s no reason why every km consultant in the world wouldn’t be able to ‘differentiate themselves’ with that claim.  :)

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"2017"... Yes, I would lol if it wouldn't be so sad. And this is not the only "shooting gun" or indication ... 

Don't only blame the associate of the Chair of the BSI KM Standards Committee.

"ISO 30401 KM Standard Requirements Seminar" 

You may also take a look on how other BSI KMers are already positioning themselves

"Our KM Framework and KM Policy offerings are fully aligned with the ISO KM standard (we were involved in the drafting of the standard)"

So give me one reason why to comment on the standard in terms of content. It seems to be all set, doesn't it. Or maybe not, if you just take into account the extensive guerillia modification I have seen out there in the web.

In terms of the culture of this standard and the credibility of the field of KM I think wee need a "silver bullet" to kill it. With regard to this I already commented on the BSI website and even contacted the driving UK, IL & AUS forces behind this standard. I will also bring up my concerns to my national standards institution so that nothing can go by the board.

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