Re: Anyone have any contacts at Ideo? #SNA-ONA-VNA

Peter Marshall <peter.marshall@...>

Fascinating discussion.

I just checked and see that I have 134 connections... Perhaps it's a
self-selection phenomenon, but I find that I tend to see people with
over 200 or 250 connections as link whores, but also see those with <
50 as technophobes of some kind.. I think there's a sweet spot of
about 100-150 real connections. Like Valdis, I have been
conscientious about only accepting real connections.

Having said that, it's obvious that "system gaming" behavior is
happening on LI. If everyone used the connections feature to identify
their "relationships", then traversing trusted contacts would work...
but since it is valuable for some people to appear connected or to be
on pathways, people try to game it and distort the data.

Perhaps Google's greatest strength as a platform is that it's
fundamental algorithm remains "un-gamed", although there are many
strategems to game Google, and once in awhile threats appear that
actually undermine Google's effectiveness and the market shudders.
But generally, Google has been very effective at maintaining the
integrity of it's "if I'm connected to many well-connected sites, then
my reputation is high" algorithm, by ruthlessly pruning sites that use
exploits to appear to be well-connected.

This suggests that a connection-validation strategy would be helpful
for LI and similar sites. Perhaps something that required both
parties to rate the relationship, and ignore links that were not
mutually validated. Other ideas here?

One more point -- I have found the best use of LI -- as other have --
to simply scan my one-level connections for likely hits on some
request, and then communicate with them outside of LI... Of much less
value, but has worked twice: searching and then following up with 2nd
level hits, where I have a strong 1st level connection to them. No
other approach has ever worked for me.

One more note -- although MOST link whores are useless, there are some
people that maintain high quality connections to many many people and
are highly effective brokers. These are jewels, and finding them is
priceless. Adam Rifkin is my personal connection to the universe and
has been an absolute gold mine, and he has links well into the


On Dec 11, 2007 1:33 PM, Valdis Krebs <> wrote:

Tom, can you be more descriptive of the Ideo contact you would like
to make? People have multiple paths to them thru multiple interests/
associations/memberships [like you & the IBM/PGE exec you described]
-- the more we know the more alternate paths we may be able to come up

On Dec 11, 2007, at 12:43 PM, Tom Short wrote:

Looked good on paper - didn't work. Not only did I not get any
offers for help from the two or three people I asked in my network,
I didn't even get a reply from them to my request! The nerve of
some people ;-)
This is what happens when people "over-connect" -- it is easy to
accept a connection request, but then a hassle to help one of those
connections, who is really a stranger. Those people who will connect
with anyone are sometimes derisively called "link whores". We all
suffer when the paths are blocked/diverted by link whores. Tom, you
are probably not making it down the path because of someone else's
poor choice of connections.


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