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I concur with Valdis on 2 of his notes today. I'm pretty careful about filtering my LinkedIn contacts, so while I have quite a few they are all people I know I could make a safe connection with.
Also -- very interesting given earlier postings, is that Tom's original message to this list didn't provide context for what type of person, at what level, in what role, that he was looking for at Ideo. Having that information would have made it somewhat easier for people who do have contacts there...

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I have about 100 contacts on LinkedIn and I have been diligent in just
connecting to those people I really know [I even deleted over a dozen
that I realized I really don't know]. My bar for a connection is set
at: I either met in person and have collaborated or have worked
together online, but no F2F contact. Most of my LI contacts are
people I have known for years. Yet, there are still plenty of
contacts I have who are not on LI. I bet Patti's connections are also
well-filtered. I keep the "BS" filter on LI at about 500, but expect
some noise and disconnects at half of that.


On Dec 11, 2007, at 12:47 PM, Tom Short wrote:

> Yes, it's too bad that the whole "competitive network building"
> mentallity has taken hold in Linked In. Now, when I see connections
> to
> people who show more than about 100 (or really even 50), my optimism
> about their usefulness drops a lot. The best ones are 2nd order hits
> with people who have less than 30 or so connections - then I'm quite
> optimistic that they would be able to help make the connection.
> Anything in the 100 range is suspect, and anything over 200 is a
> writeoff.
> --- In, Valdis Krebs wrote:
>> Maybe Tom is looking to "close a triangle" -- get a direct
>> introduction? Always the preferred route!
>> LinkedIn often does not work for a quick/effective intro --
>> especially
>> if the LinkedIn network path you need to utilize contains people who
>> really don't know each other -- which happens quite a bit.
>> LinkedIn/Facebook/other SNS have become polluted with unusable
>> links[i.e. network noise] because some folks on on these sites will
>> accept any invitation, while others are in a race towards 'my network
>> is bigger' and want to get as many people in their direct circle as
>> possible, even if many/most are strangers. These links often fail
>> when
>> it comes time to activate and use them in finding a path to someone
> you
>> seek. Just because a 'mathematical path' exists in a network does not
>> mean it will be found, or be effectively utilized.
>> I'd be interested in hearing both + and - experiences in meeting key
>> people through a connection via LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
>> Valdis
>> valdis@...

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