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Tom Short <tom.short@...>

Makes me wonder where there is some sort of inverse rule of the six degrees of separation. Maybe it's the 18 Links of Gold...All you need is to be connected to one of them, and you are connected to the world...

Funny enough, after I wrote the above, I continued reading the NYTimes Sunday Magazine article "The 7th Annual Year in Ideas," and in finishing up the article, read the last Idea, entitled Zygotic Social Networking.  Here, a snippet:

According to its Web site, GeneTree's goal is to take any two people in the world, "sit them down and show them exactly how they're related." If you're a mitochondrial "H," you share a haplogroup with 40 percent of all people of European descent. This is what Woodward calls "deep linking."   - Mailia Wollan, New York Times Magazine, Sunday, 12/9/2007.

Guess the question is, what does such "deep linking" mean, in terms of social networking?  What sort of inherent social capital does such linking imply or convey?

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> One more note -- although MOST link whores are useless, there are some
> people that maintain high quality connections to many many people and
> are highly effective brokers. These are jewels, and finding them is
> priceless. Adam Rifkin is my personal connection to the universe and
> has been an absolute gold mine, and he has links well into the
> thousands.
> Peter


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