Re: Anyone have any contacts at Ideo? #SNA-ONA-VNA

Jack Vinson <jackvinson@...>


I'm a little late here, but I have contacts at the Evanston, IL office.

But... As always, it would be helpful to understand what you are looking
for before I make the introduction. We are all busy people, after all. And
it isn't a very strong connection. (They've been guest lecturers in my KM
class at Northwestern.) Another option is to check with your friends in
academia that are near Ideo -- they may be doing projects together.

As far as LinkedIn goes, I've nearly 500 connections and I have attempted to
only link to people I've met in some way. I will totally admit that there
are people in there that I don't really "know." And I actually clean out my
connections from time-to-time. AND I try to forward along any requests
where I can help. I also have a huge contact list in my local address book
-- as I am sure many other people do.

I also echo Dave Snowden's suggestion. Try using your other passive social
networks: post a status on Facebook or a query on Twitter (to name some of
the popular places).


Jack Vinson, Ph.D.

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I am looking for an introduction there. If anyone has any contacts
there, especially here in the Bay Area, and would be willing to make
an intro, please let me know.


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