Re: Anyone have any contacts at Ideo? #SNA-ONA-VNA

Valdis Krebs <valdis@...>

Yes, only if you buy the basic or advanced LinkedIn service. The original free service does not allow you to see someone's contact info... unless they were clever and made their current email part of their "user name".

I also use LI, FaceBook and Google to check out people that contact me out of the blue... Google is more time consuming, but often reveals interesting hobbies like the person who just contacted me finished 5th in the Oklahoma City marathon for 50 and older.

Lots of internet/web 2.0 folks have made a mass migration to FB in the last 12 months, but F500 folks are mostly on LI. Now I am getting invites to "trust" on a new social search engine called! These social networking sites will never reach their potential if they always require for us to join and then name connections and invite others. Their client-server model will never work because real social networking is peer-to-peer... is person-centered, not site centered.


On Dec 17, 2007, at 12:35 PM, Stan Garfield wrote:

It is also a good way to let others maintain their own contact info, including email address, so that it is current when I need to contact them.

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