Re: Anyone have any contacts at Ideo? #SNA-ONA-VNA

Stan Garfield

--- In, Valdis Krebs <valdis@...> wrote:

Yes, only if you buy the basic or advanced LinkedIn service. The
original free service does not allow you to see someone's contact
info... unless they were clever and made their current email part of
their "user name".

Hi, Valdis.

Just to clarify, I use the free version of LinkedIn. I can see the
email address of people in my LinkedIn network (it's at the bottom of
their full profile). I can't see it for people not in my network, but I
can see the other information in their profile.

And if I click on "Add <name> to your network" I get a screen which
allows me to invite them to join my network. This is now easier than in
the past, when it required me to supply an email address for the person.
Now it just asks me "How do you know <name>?" and then it sends the



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