Re: Anyone have any contacts at Ideo? #SNA-ONA-VNA

Valdis Krebs <valdis@...>

On Dec 17, 2007, at 3:26 PM, Stan Garfield wrote:

Just to clarify, I use the free version of LinkedIn. I can see the
email address of people in my LinkedIn network (it's at the bottom of
their full profile). I can't see it for people not in my network, but I
can see the other information in their profile.
Yup... I tend to have more alternate addresses in my Mail application then LI shows... i.e. common biz address and personal gmail/yahoo address.

And if I click on "Add <name> to your network" I get a screen which
allows me to invite them to join my network. This is now easier than in
the past, when it required me to supply an email address for the person.
Now it just asks me "How do you know <name>?" and then it sends the
Ah, that is easier. I have not initiated an addition in quite a while, so I was not aware of this. ;-)

I still get a ton of requests to connect from people I really do not know... so maybe this easier hurdle for connecting is not good for the overall connection spam on LI?

From a previous post it sounds like Tom found a connection to Ideo... without revealing actual names/titles how did that happen, Tom?


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