Re: Anyone have any contacts at Ideo? #SNA-ONA-VNA

Tom Short <tom.short@...>

--- In, Valdis Krebs <valdis@...> wrote:
From a previous post it sounds like Tom found a connection to Ideo...
without revealing actual names/titles how did that happen, Tom?

Pretty much a cold call. Based on my initial search on LI for folks
associated with Ideo, I found a number of 3rd degree contacts (as I
mentioned earlier). I started by scanning their job titles, and
focusing on the ones that appeared to be in leadership positions.
There were a handful that met that criteria. Then I read their job
descriptions, found the one that appeared closest to my area of
interest, and called Ideo's main number and asked to speak with this
person. Left a vmail, and a few days later received a call back from
an associate, and so now we'll see where it goes.

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