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Soha Radwan

Hi Bill,

Thanks a lot Bill ! it is very useful.

As for the KMML model, I love the part that distinguishes the content (codified forms) from the other components, which really makes sense.

For the COP maturity level model, it is really beneficial, and I think it can be one of the measures for knowledge utilization in the organization, where the target could be going up this maturity level.



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Hi Soha


Please let me offer this link for a practice based capability/maturity model (baseline) for reference:

If you get to a place where Communities of Practice (CoP) are meaningful in your strategy and implementation, please look at this link to my CoP Maturity Model:











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Hi All,


I am working in a governmental organization. We have a KM unit, KM strategy and tools. We have recently expanded our scope to be a KM and Innovation management (KIM) department. Accordingly we are working on modifying our strategy to be  KM and Innovation (KIM) strategy. We are currently assessing our KM maturity and Innovation readiness level, and conducting analysis for the strategy.


What am looking for now is to find:

- Simple yet effective KM and Innovation models ( that combine both KM and innovation) to build/ base the KIM strategy on.

- Assessment Tools that measure both KM maturity and Innovation readiness levels (through a single tool)

- Any practical models/ examples/ case-studies  of integrating KM and Innovation.


I am keen to focus on simple, focused and practical models and avoid theoretical and complicated ones, so our approach is understood across the organization and buy-in is gained.


Thanks a lot :)



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